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On, people post naked pictures of former spouses or lovers—mostly women, some men—along with their names, ages, and home towns.

They add cruel captions: “My slut wife”; “Chubby frigid slut.” Posts about men frequently suggest that their penis is too small.

Her hair is long and wavy; her nails are always painted; she wears oversized designer glasses, five-inch heels, color-block minidresses, and sharply cut trenchcoats. They don’t have that fierceness that Carrie has.”In 2014, Mary Anne Franks, a University of Miami law professor who has advocated for revenge-porn laws, was attracting online critics who repeatedly attacked her with obscenities.

Prosecutions of individuals receive considerable media attention, in part because they are unusual.

Pennsylvania has undertaken a dozen or so prosecutions—the most of any state.

Other states with nonconsensual-porn laws have had just one or two cases make it to court.

Victims are often reluctant, or ashamed, to come forward; police officers are sometimes unfamiliar with the new laws, or are unsure how to conduct Norma’s complaint would almost certainly not have proceeded to court had she not been represented by Carrie Goldberg, who was sitting in the courtroom next to her that day.