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Anyway, I need to find a usb drive to try to load the update onto to see if I can load it there... I'll do a write up soon for the random folks that get this same error and hit this page via google.
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Snapping celebs out and about or falling out of clubs, that sort of thing.

Immediately I spun some made up story about a niece who was a massive Saturdays fan, and asked if he could give me any idea as to whereabouts Frankie would hang out, any information he could give about where to find her.

This story should not be read by anyone under the age of 18. I was watching a live performance on TV by the girlband The Saturdays when I decided enough was enough.

Ever since they came on the scene I’d spent many an hour wanking my cock over their performances and videos.

I pressed the buzzer for her flat and waited for an answer. So I’d have to be quick in getting in and shutting her up so she didn’t scream the place down.

I arrived at her door, took a deep breath and knocked.

Sure enough it was Frankie and she made her way to the communal door of the flats, used her swipe card and went in. Having scoped out the flat before hand, I knew there was a back exit to the flats down a dark side road. There was only one way in when she opened her door.

I parked my car there, made sure I had everything I needed and walked round to the front entrance. There was no way she’d let me in or even say any more than a word before closing the door.

The author does not condone any form of sexual violence, this is pure make believe.I heard footsteps from behind the door and prepared myself.As the door opened I pushed back hard and stormed in. I knelt down in front of her, “You’ll find out soon enough,” I said calmly before forcing the cloth over her mouth and nose, within seconds she was out cold.Luckily for me he was pretty drunk and gave up every bit of detail he had on her.Before long I had her home address, her parents address, her car registration plate, her hair-stylist address, the studio address where the band rehearse and a list of bars the girls would often go to after a hard day in the studio.To begin with I just thought they were just like any other girlband churning out bubble-gum pop to teenage girls, but it wasn’t long before Frankie from the group became something of an obsession.