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And while this shouldn't have been a huge surprise, I had to admit, I found myself getting kind of sad about AIM's slump into its current state.Many of the features that characterized the heyday of my AIM were gone: the warn function (which was fun but could actually slow users' connections and even kick them offline), as well as profiles with each letter in a different color of Comic Sans and Myspace links.You also need to be able to sign in to your old account. All files will continue to be available in this log until you delete them.All chat threads must be saved before December 15, 2017. In a statement released on tumblr by Michael Albers, the VP of Communications Product at Oath, the company reminisced on old times while looking forward to new ones.When you fawned over your school crush, rushing to your buddy list every time you heard that door swing open to see if they'd just signed on? Now, here's the tough part -- you have to remember your screen name.If you're having trouble, try shutting your eyes and listening to this rundown of iconic AIM sounds. Just click "Forgot Password" and follow the prompts -- hopefully you still have access to that Yahoo or Hotmail account you set the thing up with.Using the AIM Buddy List® feature you can see when your buddies are online and available to instant message.The newest version of AIM lets you to take instant messaging to the next level!

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A lot has happened since the last time you logged into AOL Instant Messenger.

So, can you save those incredibly awkward conversations you had with all your friends? Here you’ll see a saved file for each of the screen names or group names from your Buddy List.

The answer is yes as long as you or your buddy never disabled the option to save a copy of your chats. Double click the one you’d like to view and it will open.

AOL announced today that their instant messenger service is shutting down for good.

Effective December 17 you will no longer be able to use the service.