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'Because of the nature of the orbit, we cannot predict thousands of years into the future for this object,' said Alan Harris, a senior research scientist at the Space Science Institute some rumors have suggested the asteroid's forecasted course might be off by enough to cause a collision with Earth 'The actual path of it has indeed varied a bit from the original calculated,' Harris said." "Orbits change with time because of gravitational tugs by the Sun and planets, among other factors...the 323-day orbit of asteroid 2004 MN4 lies mostly within the orbit of Earth.

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The team had discovered unusually high concentrations of iridium, an element that's rare on the Earth but common in meteorites.

Albert Goodyear and the pristine Clovis site of Topper. Allen West and his team traveled to Topper in hopes of finding concentrations of iridium, an extra-terrestrial element found in comets, in the layer of Clovis-era sediment.

'They found iridium and plenty of it,' said Goodyear.

"'No one has ever had a really good explanation for the disappearance of mammoth and mastodon,' Goodyear said.

'The archaeological community is waking up to the Younger-Dryas Event.' The comet theory dominated the recent annual meetings of the American Geophysical Union held in Mexico.