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In preparation for the role, who is a skinny farmer to be diagnosed of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Wu started running 5-kilometer races in the hot sun, and ate only boiled eggs and guava. In January, Wu was cast in TTV's King Flower co-starring James Wen and Nikki Hsieh.

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This evening I'm smoking Stratford in honor of my sister Virginia's birthday. If Greg had come to me and offered to create a blend to my tastes, this is pretty darn close to what he would have come up with. Indeed, I've been smoking this to the exclusion of all else since its arrival-- and smoking far more often than I customarily do.I've had a longtime love affair with Haddo's Delight, but I think Stratford supplants it as my new favorite G. The tobacco appears to be predominantly lighter Virginias, with that light tan, almost yellowish color making up at least 60%. Looking at the tobacco (and this is confirmed later in the smoking), the perique seems to make up only a small percentage, perhaps 5-10%.Finding them is easy with our totally FREE Oxnard dating service. I'm not looking for a pen pal or a long distance relationship, so if you aren't...

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That is, the slight sweetness of the flue bright Virginia dominates over the Perique. I am beginning to think Stratford is the "Golden Fleece" of Virginia/Perique blends. Stratford is a give me a great DGT if I find myself busy and must put my pipe down, and come back later.

I've been through three two ounce cans of this, and I am now smoking a three year old can. The newer cans have an almost albino appearance on opening them. There is more consistency in color now, but it still has a very bright look about it.

There is a nice hay-like smell to them that seems so inviting. The tin note on this older can has a slight chocolate-almond aroma that I like. You might want to pack it a little tighter, as I do with Dunhill's Elizabethan Mixture, my old standard V/P blend.

In spite of this, I find it fairly cool burning-- certainly not as cool as Barbary Coast, but I really have to work to get this to bite me.

The lighter Virginias are certainly most obvious upon the first few puffs.