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After intense vortexing and centrifugation for 5 min (2000 rpm), the supernatant was collected and dried in centrifugal evaporator (Speed Vac).Then, FAMEs were dissolved in n-hexane and 2 μL of this solution were analysed by gas chromatography (GC) equipped with flame ionization detector (FID) on a Perkin Elmer Clarus 400 equipment.Total carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) content in rhizosediment and Z. The following day, photosynthetic performance of Z.noltei (aboveground and belowground biomass) were quantified in a CHNS/O analyser (Fisons Instruments Model EA 1108, Beverly, Massachusetts, USA). noltei leaves was assessed by rapid light-response curves (RLCs) of photosystem II (PSII) relative electron transport rate (r ETR) using a PAM fluorometer.Overall, these habitats contribute to human well-being, from local to global level by providing nursery areas for commercially valuable seafood species and helping to regulate the global carbon (C) cycle through C sequestration.Multiple-interacting factors such as changes in ammonium concentration, light reduction in the water column due to dredging activities, grazing pressure and herbicides, may also contribute to seagrass decline. noltei has the ability to morphologically and physiologically acclimate to different environmental conditions including fluctuations in physical (e.g., wave exposure, sediment resuspension, turbidity, and sediment particle size) and chemical parameters (salinity changes, nutrient and light availability).of heneicosanoic acid methyl ester (Sigma-Aldrich, Steinheim, Germany), as internal standard.

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noltei increases at low salinity values, salinity in winter can drop to zero due to heavy freshwater floods, while dry hot summers may drive salinity to reach values exceeding those of seawater (e.g. The main objective of the present study was to assess to what extent spatio-temporal variation in salinity, combined with sediment temperature, p H, LOI (loss-on-ignition) and the sediment pool of C and N on the top 5 cm, affect ecological processes supporting ES provided by Z. To address this objective authors formulated the following null (H2 - ecological functions and ES provided by Z. 1), in winter (February) and late spring (June) 2013.

The light delivered by the fluorometer and the fluorescence emitted by the leaf were conducted by a Ø1.5 mm plastic optical fibre. The chosen sampling sites are geographically widespread along the sampling area and include the most upstream and the most downstream sites.

The optical fibre was maintained at a constant distance (1 mm) from the leaf. noltei shoots were selected and light adapted (70 μmol photons m E is the incident photosynthetic active irradiance and 0.5 is the fraction of photons absorbed by PSII (assuming that both photosystems absorb equal amount of photons; ref. FA were extracted and converted into fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) through transesterification, following the method described by Aued-Pimentel et al.

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