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Tensions between the Afro-Trinidadian and Indo-Trinidadian communities surface only sporadically and are usually related mainly to adverse economic conditions or political opportunism.In the 1980s, when oil prices dropped steeply after the boom years of the 1970s, approximately 75,000 East Indians are estimated to have migrated to Canada.In contrast the newly arrived East Indian migrant labourers were then landless and were often placed into the same buildings that were formerly used to house the slaves on the sugar plantations.The largely Christianized African population viewed the religion of newly arrived East Indians with great reservation.

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All of these elements combined to ensure that the island's African descended population would not willingly seek to establish close relations with the then unskilled and unlettered newly arriving East Indian indentured labourers.

Furthermore the original arrival of East Indians in the country is observed on May 30 as Indian Arrival Day.

This makes Trinidad the first country in the world to officially recognize East-Indian Indentureship and Divali The Hindu festival of lights is also now a national holiday given in recognition of the Hindu faith.

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