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The real, raw, and edgy nature of the content has more than half a million people tuning into it every single day on Snapchat.
But that effort you're put in fostering another relationship - you could have been putting it in us. ..this sh*t happnd to any other girl she would feelin the same way mashoda hurt she has a broken heart like jennifer aniston..sandra bullock...arnolds swaanegger wife...hillary cliton...ellen tigars ex wife..arnt yall calln them bitter cus im sure they had the same emotions as mashonda?

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The main cast Zheng Yuan Chang and Lin Yi Chen have filmed about 40 kissing scenes.

When talking about Zheng Yuan Chang’s “Kissing Experience”, he revealed that he was very nervous about his first kiss during his high school days; the most romantic experience will be kissing among the crowd during New Year’s Eve countdown.

He said: [I didn’t dare to say who I like and also will not directly express my own feelings.]Using txt messages to pursue girl and to confess love will get 100% successful rate Then normally how Xiao Zhong would pursue girls?

[First of all I will spend some time with her, and then will get the chance to tell her by writing letters, sending txt messages.] He feels that the power of words is much stronger, able to allow the opposition to have more space to imagine.

The actor even gave Ariel some advice to make sure her hair won’t get caught again, and told her, “Make sure to stuff your ponytail into your scarf and ensure your own safety”, after checking that she was alright.

On the first day of filming [They Kiss Again], the feelings immediately returned: [Like meeting back some long lost relatives.]The last kiss in the last episode had left a deep impression in Xiao Zhong’s (Zheng Yuan Chang) mind: “That scene was when Zhi Shu (Zheng Yuan Chang) finally released his feelings, crying and hugging while kissing Xiang Qin (Lin Yi Chen).

Afterward when re-watching the scene again, we realized that dramatic tension was actually very powerful.] Having the best tacit understand and under the condition of without having any rehearsal scene from the director, both of them finished this scene by just one take.

Much as I think Ariel Lin is never going to end up in real life with another actor (she’s never dated any of her co-stars or anyone in the entertainment industry since she debuted), she has such explosive and brilliant chemistry with ALL her male co-stars there are legions of Ariel fans who ship her with a former co-star.

I don’t blame them, she makes it hard to believe it’s just acting when you see her onscreen all in love.